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Klikkie helps!

With klikkie you’ll never forget to print your best moments. We remind and help you to upload 10 photos each month, print them for you and send them to you in a luxury envelope.

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Why klikkie?

  • It’s easy
    It’s easy

    Just select 10 of your best photos each month. We’ll do the rest. The good thing: it even fits through your letterbox!

  • It’s flexible
    It’s flexible

    We care about flexibility. Therefor you can pause or cancel your klikkie subscription at any time with just a few clicks.

  • It’s rewarding
    It’s rewarding

    Holding a photo is so much more rewarding than looking at it on your phone. Send your photos to yourself or surprise someone else!

  • It’s convenient
    It’s convenient

    With our reminding service you won’t forget a month. And if you do, you can always catch-up on missed months!

Set your photos free!

  • We all have tons of photos on our phone. It’s a shame when these go to waste. By setting your best photos free, you can relive the most precious moments again!
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Select your favourite shots and upload them every month!

  • You don’t have to spend a lot of time selecting your photos all at once. With klikkie you get 10 photos a month. 10 of your best photos! Easy to stay up-to-date and a great way to start collecting memories.
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Display them or share them!

  • Create, keep and share your most memorable moments. Whether you are creating a picture wall, photo album or just share them with your loved ones, you’ll appreciate your photos even more.
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