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Each plan contains 10 photos per month, printed on high quality paper in various sizes. All the prices include postage and packing!

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  2. We’ll remind you every month to upload your photos.

  3. Upload your 10 favorite moments.

  4. Send the photos to your home or surprise somebody else!

  5. We optimize your pictures and print them on high quality paper.

  6. Receive your photos in our luxury envelope that fits through your letterbox.

  7. Forgot to upload? No worries! You can always catch-up on missed months.

  • 1 × XL photo

    (15 × 20 cm")
  • 3 × medium photos

    (10 × 15 cm")
  • 3 × mini photos

    (10 × 10 cm")
  • 1 × photo strip (3 × photos)

    (5 × 15 cm")
All prices include postage and packing.
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  • The klikkie album *
    and 10 photos each month!

    Start your personal photo album project with klikkie! Update your photo album every month with the best moments.

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*The minimum amount required to activate klikkie is €0.02. * When you've used up your months, it automatically changes to an easily pauseable monthly subscription.

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