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Why does printing photos take so much effort?

This was the question we were asking ourselves too … until klikkie was born. Although we're probably taking more photos these days than ever before, we hardly ever print them anymore. What a waste of all those beautifully recorded moments! Among these photos are a few gems that really are worth printing. Recollect for a moment all those first photos of your new-born child or your nieces and nephews. Or the amazing trips you've made to this city or that city with your mates. And don't forget all those crazy evenings out on the town, either! It's not that you can't print them, it's simply become too much hassle. You've probably thought about making a photo album often enough, but for whatever reason you never got around to it or you never finished it. And the brave few who reach the finishing line and get their digital album printed are often left bitterly disappointed by the inferior quality of the photos. How were you to know your photos were either too underexposed or overexposed while creating the album?

ENTER… klikkie!

klikkie helps you create, celebrate and cherish life's moments and its memories. We want to inspire you and help you make much more of those memorable moments and let you get on with enjoying the here and now … after all, that's what life's all about, isn't it? Month in, month out, you're creating and experiencing countless moments that would be a shame to forget. This is why the idea behind klikkie is to make it as quick and easy as possible to get your photos printed to the highest standards imaginable each and every month! Liberating your photos from their smartphone prison ought to be really simple and give endless pleasure. All you have to do with klikkie is select and upload ten of your most memorable moments to your klikkie profile every month. Seriously, that's it! Our experts take care of the rest, making sure that your shots are printed to the highest standards possible and delivered to your doormat in a sturdy envelope. Setting your photos free and breathing life into them with klikkie is guaranteed to spark many a great conversation and rekindle many an old memory! It's pretty simple … ready, steady, klikkie!

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