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Every month klikkie helps you to print photos and photo books, so you will never forget!
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Finally finish
your photo project

Let us inspire you to finally finish your photo album,
wall or just to keep your fridge up to date with your best photographs.
Start today!

every month,
10 precious photos

We remind you to pick your ten best moments of the month and help you to print them in one of our exclusive photo packs.
It's that easy to stay up to date!
Start today!

Our exclusive
Photo packs

Four exclusive photo packs for you to choose from each month.

our prints are the best

And we're proud of the quality. Oh, and with way more colors than your average 'drugstore' print. Promise. The klikkie prints are available in four formats: XL, Medium, Square and Photo Strip. Printed on premium paper with smooth matte finish and a white border to make your photo pop against any background.

extra large


Our largest photo you can order monthly! This big boy loves to be framed or live on your fridge.



The original, the one your parents have in their photo albums. Great for trips down memory lane.



This hip square is an unsung hero. Plays well with it's bigger brother Medium in photo albums.

Photo strip


The photo booth experience without the smell and noise of the trainstation. Fun to give away!

What our
Members say

The photos always look good and sharp. And I love the different formats!

Monthly happiness!

An envelope of happiness on your doormat containing your best moments
to share or hold on to. Ready to start?
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