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Keep up with the sweetest, most precious memories of your new bundle of joy with a klikkie membership.

Simply select, save and print your 10 best memories each month to create the perfect baby journal or photo album.

klikkie members need just a few minutes each month to keep up with their best moments. No more hours spent on clunky photobook editors.

Never forget to treasure your memories again with klikkie's monthly reminder service. Keep your project up-to-date with fresh memories every month.

The memories of baby's first moments are priceless. They deserve to be printed on the highest quality cardstock, made to last.

Why klikkie?

Every month we remind you to select your best photos. Upload your photos within just a few minutes with our app!

We print them in the highest quality and ship them within 24 hours in a beautiful, sturdy envelope. 

No photos to print for a month? No problem. You can always catch up on missed months or take a klikkie-break.

What do I get?

The highest quality photo prints, printed with the newest and most sustainable technology.

Three fun photo packs with a variety of formats.

Never forget to print your photos with our monthly reminders.

Shipping is always included.

Flexible pausing and cancellation, whenever you like.

Easily look back on your photos of previous months.


What our
members say

Lynn Boumans-Corstjens

So happy with it! I finally managed to make a photo album. I get a reminder every month, choose a few photos on my phone and I'm done. Nice quality! Really great!

Happy every month!
Suzan K

Received as a maternity gift and enjoyed the most beautiful first moments with my little miracle for a year. Super good quality, a variety of choices and every month I receive a new gift!

Your best moments saved
Floor Goderie

I finally finish my photo albums! No more projects that never get finished. Super easy to upload in the app, and directly from the cloud, I can even do it on the train to work. Recommended!

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